Senior Program

The Senior Program at The Excel Center of Arlington provides older adults with a comfortable setting to help in the treatment of conditions unique to this population.

Problems Faced by Older Adults
Too often, older adults with serious psychiatric conditions are dismissed as untreatable. From age-related anxiety and depression to long-standing psychiatric disorders, older adults can suffer from a wide range of psychiatric illnesses and conditions. These are often made worse by chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes, stroke or other medical disorders associated with aging. Cognitive impairments, such as inability to use appropriate judgment, may also occur. This may be due to aging or overuse of alcohol or drugs.

The Excel Center of Arlington offers specialized mental health treatment for seniors dealing with alcohol and substance abuse problems, although detoxification may require an initial inpatient stay.

Treatment Team
Our experienced interdisciplinary team led by our medical director is responsible for delivering treatment on a daily basis. This team includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, licensed social workers, and mental health workers who are respectful, supportive and compassionate, and who are trained to work with senior adults.

Who Is Appropriate For Outpatient Treatment Services?
Any individual who has potential for responding to and benefiting from mental health treatment will be admitted. In addition, the patient must be willing to be an active participant in treatment and must not pose a risk to his/her own welfare or the welfare of others.

Individuals who can no longer manage the activities of daily living due to emotional or behavioral changes are candidates for assessment. Often these adults appear depressed, confused or disoriented, fearful, sad, or withdrawn. Their health and safety may also be threatened by non-compliance with a prescribed medication regime.

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